Maxon Cinema 4D Lite

Introduced with Adobe After Effects CC, Maxon Cinema 4D Lite gave After Effects users an unparalleled opportunity to incorporate the best parts of a truly 3D software package along side After Effects. Thanks to the Cineware plugin and the Lite version of Cinema 4D that are included with all installations of After Effects, you can take your creative visions to new heights!


Cherry Blossom Training is proud to offer our clients an introduction to this powerful software. No matter your experience level with graphic design, video editing, or your familiarity with 3D software, we will get you up and running, ready to create great content when you're back at work. Contact us now to schedule a session onsite or online!

Introduction to Maxon Cinema 4D Lite

Pre-Requisites: Knowledge of Windows/Mac OS; advanced knowledge of Adobe After Effects, including 3D, lights, cameras, and using null objects.


Intended Students: Individuals looking to become familiar with the creative possibilities of integrating truly 3D content into their After Effects workflow.

The typical curriculum for Introduction to Maxon Cinema 4D Lite is:





















Course Text: "MAXON CINEMA 4D R15 Studio: A Tutorial Approach"

*The above outline is how a typical class will run. Since your success is our highest priority, the instructor may change topics and/or sequence according to the interests and experience of all participants.

Day One:



•  Cinema 4D Lite & Adobe After Effects

•  Why work in true 3D?

•  Cinema 4D Program Interface


Basics of 3D Software

•  Vertices, Edges, and Faces

•  Creating and Editing Primitive Shapes

•  NURBS, Text, and Extrusions


Animating & Keyframes in Cinema 4D

•  Differences and Similarities with After Effects

•  Limitations of Cinema 4D Lite

•  Working with the Cinema 4D Timeline


Day Two:


Applying Textures & Materials to Objects

•  Textures & Materials

•  Diffuse, Specular, Normal, Bump


Lighting, Cameras, Nulls

•  Differences and Similarities with After Effects

•  Importing/Exporting to/from After Effects

•  R


Final Project

•  Setup in After Effects

•  Additional Work and New Possibilities in Cinema 4D Lite

•  Compositing and Rendering in After Effects


Q&A with Instructor

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