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Cherry Blossom Training is proud to provide training to you online, giving greater flexibility in your training delivery. With online training, you can train from anywhere - home, office, or in the field!


We currently offer Adobe Certified Training in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as training classes in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Audition, and the Adobe Video Production Applications, and customized training to suit your individual needs. Whatever the situation, we can help you and your team!


Whether its at your work or some other location, we can provide you with the training you need at a fraction of the cost of sending teams to train in a large city. Even if that city is right on your doorstep, we will work with you to provide the greatest training services at the best cost.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of choosing onsite training for your training needs:


•  Time: A dedicated time for employees to learn and master new skills related to their job functions that also minimizes downtime!


•  Reduced Training Costs: training is delivered via broadband - no travel costs, and your employees can train anywhere with an internet connection!


•  Consistency of Instruction: your team learns the same material at the same pace from the same instructor!


•  Applicability: Choose one of our standard training sessions, modify it, or ask for a custom session. The choice is yours!


•  Efficiency: Do any of your corporate partners need similar training? We can work with multiple groups for additional savings!


Contact us to get a quote for onsite training. We will work to keep our bids competitive so that you get the best value from your training experiences.

Online Training Rates:


$495/person* - 1-Day Custom Training


$545/person* - 2-Day Standard or Custom Training


$845/person* - 3-Day Standard or Custom Training


$1145/person* - 4-Day Standard or Custom Training


$1445/person* - 5-Day Combo Intro/Advanced Training

(Includes Intro/Advanced classes for Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Audition)


$1695/person* - 6-Day Combo After Effects Training

(Includes Intro/Intermediate/Advanced Classes)



*Two person minimum per training session. Call for a quote if you are interested in 1-on-1 online training.

For Online/Onsite Training Sessions:

For Training Your Way Sessions:

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