Trapcode Particular

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Introduction to Trapcode Particular

Pre-Requisites: Knowledge of Windows/Mac OS; advanced knowledge of Adobe After Effects, including 3D, lights, cameras, and using null objects.


Intended Students: Individuals looking to become familiar with particle systems in general, and Trapcode Particular specifically, while exploring the range of options offered by Trapcode Particular's powerful particle engine.

The typical curriculum for Introduction to Trapcode Particular is:





















*The above outline is how a typical class will run. Since your success is our highest priority, the instructor may change topics and/or sequence according to the interests and experience of all participants.

Day One:


Orientation & Particle System Basics

•  Basic Particle Systems in After Effects

•  3D Aware Effects

•  Trapcode Particular Plugin Layout



•  Types of Emitters

•  Initial Particle Settings

•  Emitters in Motion


Particles & Shading

•  Types and Settings

•  Color Mapping & Opacity Mapping

•  Working with Lights & Controlling Shadows


Day Two:


Physics Models

•  Air Model Settings

•  Bounce Model Settings

•  Physics Time Factor


Auxiliary Systems & Miscellaneous Items

•  Aux System Settings

•  Visibility Settings

•  Render Settings


Final Projects

•  Controlling the Emitter's Position with Expressions

•  Abstract Compositions & Backgrounds

•  Compositing with Existing Footage


Q&A with Instructor

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