Training Your Way

Training Your Way is a unique approach to extending and enhancing the effectiveness of your onsite or on-line training sessions. For a monthly fee, you can get training refreshers, learn new skills and workflow techniques, or get help with specific problems that arise over the course of a project. Best of all, it's all done on-line and as you need it!*


With Training Your Way, you'll interact with a real person and get direct help for your problem. No more rolling the dice with YouTube "experts", or hoping to get an answer in a pre-made video series. With Training Your Way, you get the answers you need when you need them, quickly and efficiently, from an Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor*. And our online appointment service couldn't make scheduling your training any easier if we tried!


Additionally, Training Your Way members get free access to our webinars and "What's New" sessions when Adobe introduces new product features via Creative Cloud.


 Maximize your time and your resources - have training done your way!

Rates & Information

Training Your Way rates are calculated by how many of your employees need to access our services. You can also sign up additional persons for increased savings! While we currently offer Training Your Way services for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, check back often - our training offerings will expand soon!

1-10 Persons



each month


12-month minimum commitment


11-20 Persons



each month


12-month minimum commitment


20 or More Persons



each month


12-month minimum commitment


* Service is currently only available for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. Check back often to see if more services have been added!

** Times subject to scheduling availability. Sessions are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Training Your Way is intended as a supplement to full training sessions only, either through Cherry Blossom Training or another Training provider. Based upon the description provided at time of booking, we reserve the right to convert your appointment into an on-line training session, pending your approval. Should such a case arise, Cherry Blossom Training will contact you to discuss your options.

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For Training Your Way Sessions:

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