Adobe Video Production Suite

Thanks to the power of Creative Cloud, video professionals have access to production applications of unparalleled power and integration. With those applications come new creative possibilities, seamless workflows, and the ability for teams of professionals to work together efficiently. For those working in supervisory positions or one-person production houses, it can also be daunting to familiarize yourself with all of them. That's where we can help!


Our Video Production Suite training is a four-day course designed with the needs of supervisors and producer/editors in mind. We'll guide you through all of the applications in the Adobe Extended Workflow, show you how they work together, and have you work on a project to try out your new skills for yourself. Additionally, we'll give you an extra month of "Training Your Way" free, helping you hit the ground running when you get back into the workplace. We're committed to your success!


Cherry Blossom Training is proud to offer this course on these powerful applications. No matter your experience level with graphic design, video editing, or your familiarity with Adobe applications, we will get you up and running, ready to create great content when you're back at work. Contact us now to schedule a session onsite or online!

Video Production Suite Bootcamp

Pre-Requisites: Knowledge of Windows/Mac OS; basic familiarity with Adobe Software


Intended Students: Video Team Supervisors, Producer/Editors, and any other individuals who need to a develop a basic framework with the Adobe Extended Workflow for video production.

Highlights of the course include:



  • Team Organizational Best Practices
  • Import, Ingest, & Transcode using Adobe Prelude
  • Creating a Rough Cut in Adobe Prelude & Sending it to Premiere Pro
  • Staying Organized Using Metadata in Premiere Pro
  • Color Grading using Adobe SpeedGrade
  • Working with Dailies
  • Creating Static Titles in Adobe Photoshop
  • Creating Moving Titles & Credits in Adobe After Effects
  • Video Compositing & Special Effects in Adobe After Effects
  • Laying down audio in Premiere Pro
  • Editing Audio in Adobe Audition
  • Recording Voice-overs in Adobe Audition
  • Constructing Illustrator files for use in After Effects
  • Constructing Photoshop files for use in After Effects & Premiere Pro
  • Exporting Media using Adobe Media Encoder
  • Managing & Archiving Your Work with the Project Manager in Premiere Pro

Please note that the purpose of this class is to provide team leaders and individual producer/editors with a basic working knowledge of the Video Production Suite. Individuals seeking a deeper look at specific programs are invited to see the curriculum for those programs.

For Online/Onsite Training Sessions:

For Training Your Way Sessions:

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